The Metaverse Dao

To record and maintain NEAR Metaverse History on the blockchain and on metaverse, to be a metaverse connection center among all NEAR DAOs, to publicize NEAR artists and the DAOs' metaverse activities, to generate value for near artists and near protocol itself.

Goals of DAO

The main goal of this set of projects is to build and systematize the NEAR presence in the metaverse and record it in the blockchain. We have built the NEAR Metaverse AWARD, a magazine with a monthly interview, and a Mintbase store, to fulfill our historical intention of keeping track of the NEAR metaverse presence. And we intend to build a building to store that history and systematically present the metaverse NEAR events to the people of the metaverse.

Why did we make this Dao?

The relevance of this set of project is precisely to keep record of NEAR metaverse presence and keep it as a research material for future researchers, and also to develop NEAR visibility on metaverse. Shows with NEAR artists can be a way to introduce them to metaverse and to introduce metaverse to them, given that metaverse properties can be visited by many people, mainly in party days. The parcel and the store can be places to store knowledge that can be visited and accessed through many people, including people that still dont know NEAR.