The main objective of this project is to feed the liquidity pool from metacoin and fund the project that was voted by metacoin holders. We also intend to open new submissions from metacoin holders.


The relevance of this project is to fulfill the ideal of decentralization over the decisions, that are the very essence of the DAOs and of NEAR Foundation intentions. This is also important because it gives an important role to the community, by democratizing part of the budget for people who values and holds our token. This has an interesting consequence, which is to give a utility to the token and probably raise its price in the market.

How to buy Metacoin ?


First before learning how to acquire metacoin it is important to know that with 1 Metacoin in your wallet you are entitled to submit proposals of up to 250 USD and also participate in voting for project approval in our DAO.


STEP 1: Log in to your NEAR Wallet .


STEP 2: Install Wallet Near in your browser, or/and open in a new tab the REF FINANCE! website!
STEP 3: log in with your wallet in REF FINANCE!


STEP 4: To acquire Metacoin! On the REF FINANCE website click on Swap, and you will need to have the DAI currency to buy Metacoin.


STEP 5: Authenticate your wallet, then with your wallet already authenticated, and the tokens available.
STEP 6: Choose and exchange, click on the token for conversion.


Perfect! Let's go to the last steps.
Step 7: Now you can choose #METACOIN in the token.
STEP 8: Selection window for swapping.